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What does cargo liability insurance cover?


Carrying out any economic activity entails a series of responsibilities and obligations. Occasionally, insurance is taken out to cover the most basic problems that may occur during the performance of the economic activity. When we talk about the transport of cargoes and goods by road, we are faced with a completely obligatory insurance: civil liability of cargo.

Cargo liability insurance is a type of contract that covers damage caused to third parties by actions derived from cargo. In other words, it is a service that covers personal injury and material damage caused during the transfer of cargo, as well as during loading and unloading operations.

What exactly does this insurance cover?

There are different types of insurance that will complement and cover damage caused both to third parties and to the goods themselves. However, in the case of cargo liability insurance, it does not cover the deterioration of the goods or any damage caused to the vehicle or means of transport.

In addition to this, we see how, in the case of transporting dangerous cargo, this insurance will not cover the damage caused. In these cases, complementary insurances are usually contracted in which the problems derived from the transfer of dangerous goods are included.

Is it necessary for national transport?

Yes, cargo civil liability insurance must be contracted for both national and international cargo transport. Although most accidents tend to occur on longer journeys, it is necessary for any journey. Most of the accidents to which it refers and which it usually covers are related to the fall of the load on the road.

The fall of this merchandise can happen anywhere, regardless of the journey. In fact, it is often associated with adverse weather conditions and the poor condition of the road on which trucks travel.

The sectors professionally dedicated to the transport of loads and merchandise, usually count on an insurance of civil responsibility of general load. However, each company, company, or professional, determines different conditions, so it is essential to know the services offered by each of them.